restored family country house in Italy
Interiors love / Rough luxe attitude / Local heritage

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Love for interiors… Rough luxe attitude… Local heritage…

We built a short-rent home in old grand parents country house near Bologna, in the Appennino Bolognese area, diving in a splendid natural landscape near the Roman street Strada della Futa (SP65), between Bologna and Florence.

We enjoyed restoring this hidden place respecting its heritage, recovering as much as possible from ancient furniture to traditional complements. It has been a journey of discovery taking us to a time travel experience, mixing the traditional features with design twists.

Each of the 3 rooms available has its own en-suite bathroom and queen-size comfy bed. There is a beautiful kitchen, a little living room, and an abundance of outdoor space as well as romantic garden where you can enjoy the stunning panorama over the natural landscape.

A circle garden tub is installed in the garden to refresh in the summer while enjoying nature.

As world travel lovers and interior design passionate people, we would love to welcome travellers looking for slow living and an italian country-side taste, at a 45 minute drive from Bologna’s medieval city center.

Interior design addicts will find the atmosphere of old-times Italy with a contemporary twist.
Wine and food lovers have a chance to experience traditional restaurants in the area, local product makers, food experiences advice, wine tasting… and our picnic basket sets that can be loaded with delicacies, planning home delivery from a local atelier.

Whether you are passionate about photography or a nature enthusiast the beautiful landscape with its wildlife and natural beauty will offer many chance of discovery the ever changing panorama, evocative light and sunsets, and the near garden jewel Giardini del Casoncello.

Trekking lovers will find walking trails all around Farnecasa following easily tracked routes or country side streets and will discover a convenient base to experience a leg of the famous path Via degli Dei , enjoying a forest bathing experience at the same time.
Bicycle fans will find lovely up and down routes and a little equipment recovery area, as well as e-bike guided tour with eXplora.

As entire area explorers you will be able to dive into
strong local tradition and culture at Monte Bibele, Museo Fantini, Osservatorio Astronomico, Winter line museum, Museo Arti e Mestieri, Monte delle formiche, Museo dei Botroidi, Museo Marconi, Mulino di Mazzone, Cimitero militare germanico
along with new ways if looking for day-spa, forest acrobatic park, italian horsemanship, widespread fairway golf-club and yoga experience and shiatsu massage within walking distance of farnecasa at SpiraliaLab.

Groups from 4 to 6 are welcome for enjoy country side weekends, holidays and festive times with friends, as well as couples can rent the entire country-home for their romantic escape.

Come and share with us the love for this ancient and beautiful piece of Italy.


Entire home rental - 3 nights minimum stay
€ 210 per night for Group of 6

GROUP OF 4 or COUPLE are welcome to enjoy farnecasa.
Please contact us at email address for BEST personal quote based on REAL OCCUPANCY,
as for Summer high season and festivity prices (New Year - Easter - Christmas - etc).

Unfortunately, health and safety does not allow pets.


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Via San Vincenzo 56 Loc. Farnè di mezzo 40050 Loiano (Bologna) ITALY
Latitude N 44° 17′ 51339″ – Longitude E 11° 17′ 58.883″


Tel +39 3453154812



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